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interesting talks 7Hi Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that three weeks since our initial meeting, I’ve now been offered four interviews!
Your techniques really work and I’m delighted with the progress so far……..
Thank you again for your help – I’m happy to be a case study or a testimonial for you. LC



After my 1-2-1 coaching session I felt incredibly encouraged for my job search. Cristina Pia

testimonials 3

I found the whole session a good morale boost and it helped clarify the way I searched and applied. Bhaeddin Fhatom

interesting talks testimonials

Hi Gary

Wanted to get in touch since I attended a consultation you gave in March.

I actually found your talk very interesting and inspirational.  Whilst I always believed the right job would happen some day, the hints and tips you gave made me think twice when I went into my next interview.

I used them and also studied for 3 days preparing myself for the interview.  I ended up getting the job as well as being offered another job from a previous company who had seen me, I didn’t get the original position with them but another one came up and they wanted me too.

Goes to show, (xxxxxxx) do count.

I did say I would keep you informed of my search so voila. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Best regards, Lillia

interesting talks 1


testimonials 2Really good session, learnt loads from Gary. I now feel that I can approach my job hunting in a fresh new way

‘Incisive. Prompting new perceptions on long term goals’ Jennifer Spiller

‘Very Good. Like to have Gary as a coach’ Aki Thompson

‘I would like the issue dealt with over a more extended [time] so the subject is addressed in more depth’ Pauline White

“Exceptional Speaker. Brilliant presentation and Powerpoint. Motivating and Enlightening. First seminar I have heard something right and different from others.” SP

“First rate.” KB

 “Very informative and with great insight into the job market and its practicalities.”  PJ

 “Really good and informative. Answered all questions. Also inspiring.” Name Witheld

 “Covered a lot of ground. Well presented. Interactive.”  CW

 “This was an excellent session. A fresh perspective on familiar points, plus some new ideas and very helpful prioritisation from an interviewer’s point of view. Also very well delivered. Energetic and Highly motivating.” JA

“Excellent. Great speaker. Quite interactive. Will definitely recommend that seminar.”   CB

“Excellent presenter. Good content” HS

‘The Seminar was presented very clearly and professionally, I will be taking away new ideas and impetus’ Mike Ashling

‘Excellent. Very Interactive! Many thanks to Gary’ Lynda Bouchenel

‘Thank you!’ Jose Dominguez

‘Friendly, helpful environment. Friendly speaker. Gary was approachable and answered everyone’s questions relevantly. Informative and useful event! (More please!) Ros Hilton

‘Inspires confidence. Provides a Framework / Guidance’ Colin Lee

‘Meeting Helped me to realise how much I needed to take control of my job searches – after losing confidence during long term unemployment’ Deborah Nichols

‘Gary was very good presenter’ Tim Oliver

‘Would appreciate to be advised how to be able to come to more 1-1 sessions being covered by the job centre / CDG. Thanks’ Veronica Reyes- Cejas

Very thorough! Quite detailed, elaborated upon areas/things, etc

Well presented, learnt a number of topics to reshape my CV. Excellent

Good tips of measurable results. Engaging session

Very good motivation and help.  Focuses on achievement. Created a good               atmosphere within the group

Very focused and well organised session. Thank you!

Gave me a deeper insight into what is both behind and contributed to making a winning CV

Very relevant, informative and practical

Provided invaluable knowledge in terms of creating and delivering a CV. Layout was good and designed very well. Gave unique or bespoke insights into finding work

Gary was amazing! He paid special attention for each of us. We even forgot to take a few minutes break 🙂 ! Most important is I’ve got what I want about my CV

A very informative session. Helpful tips to refresh my CV. Gary is a great speaker and answers all questions thoroughly.

The whole seminar was well explained

Liked Gary’s energy. Lots of good nuggets for changes I can make to my CV to make it more impressive

Reinforced what I know but gave me confidence

Great advice!

Help to identify roles I could apply for.

Outstanding. Gary’s energy + his process enabled a breakthrough – business rather than job

It opened up my mind a lot as regards my CV and what I need to do ASAP in order to get employed soon

Informative, engaging. Chance to engage & quick feedback. Educative – understood today importance of matrices in achievement

Good approach and audience participation. 

Very informative, made me want a refund having paid lots of money to professionalise my CV

Very instructive and an eye-opener

Gary knows what he is talking about. He gave us many good examples and ideas and tried to transmit us a better and active attitude. Thank you!

Clearly structured and to the point. Well delivered and thorough. Very helpful session

Have reviewed CV & advised how to change/improve. Examples of good CV’s for people starting out & people with long history

Focused. Interactive. Much information I’ve not come across before on doing effective CV’s

Gary is excellent. He is full of business and practical advice rooted in hard-nosed business experience. A great session

Good eye-opening stuff to improve my CV; things I hadn’t thought about before (eg personal value proposition, not just profile, highlight my achievement more :)) Many thanks

Hands-on advice, totally clear. I recognised that what I did up to now is completely wrong!

Very clear and direct. Useful to improve my CV. Useful to understand how to impress a potential employer

I found out that personal profile will help to get a job, if it is organised in a right way – lead on achievement approach with exact numbers. It will show that you are serious about the area and role, plus what value you will bring to the employer. I look now at job, as investment for the company (employer) – you need to show that you are good bond to invest in

Covered lots of specific points that employers are looking for in CVs. Lots to think about! Good follow up options on website/book

Told me things that can get my CV noticed. Explained things clearly that I did not understand before

Interesting methods to use for tailoring CVs

Really brilliant. Want to spend time with Gary and his crew

Very personable, practical, no nonsense with real examples

It has changed my view and approach to how to write a CV completely

It was a good presentation and we were given a lot of useful tips for our CV. Thanks a lot

Because it was dynamic, clear, and made you work quickly about your potential and achievements in your working life

Gary covered the subject of CVs so clearly that it was extremely valuable information on the changes for today and for the future. Easy to follow delivery.  I have learnt a lot and know I can improve my CV with ease.

Thank you so much, we are leaving the session with practical tools and a plan ahead that I believe will really make the difference in finding a job. Merci!! 🙂