Are Young People Ready for the Workforce?



On apprenticeships, do you think/believe young people are ready for the working environment when they leave school/college?

If not, what in your opinion requires addressing? 

Donna Still

Hi Donna

Whilst questions on whether young people are ready for an apprenticeship ( or the workplace), or whether the apprenticeship framework is right for the young person are important and valid, the real question is whether the workplace (employer) is ready for the Continue reading


Later Life Career Transition. Problem?


questions-qaOkay, a 50 year old middle manager (MM) in information services is let go. Their skills have not diminished but they have been passed by more savvy younger generation workers. Other MM positions would likely put the candidate in similar situations.

Do you counsel them to transition into a different career path, take a lesser position for less pay, encourage them to start their own business, become a consultant or ?

The industries don’t matter really. The question is:

What do you do with the ‘older’ individual who losses their job 5, 10, 15 years before retirement?


Hi Jim

If we are competing on Skills: i.e. the ability to carry out a number of processes, over time Continue reading