How Intrapreneurs Can Drive Your Business Growth

intrapreneurThe Anatomy of an Intrapreneur

If your business has done all the cost-cutting, fat-trimming and weight shedding it can and is still seeing a levelling off in revenue and profits, then the spring sunshine should serve as a message for you. It’s time to sow some seeds of growth.

Growth in recessionary times is predicated upon one thing: Innovation.

It takes a strategic approach to drive strategic innovation in your business, but one important component you are likely to need to make it happen is an Intrapreneur. (watch the video below).

Intrapreneurs are unfettered entrepreneurial instigators within your business who will: Continue reading

Employees First, Customers Second

How Trust, Transparency, Releasing the Talents of your Staff and adopting a Bottom Up Approach to Management can result in tripling revenues and being voted Most Modern Management by Fortune Magazine.

HCLT turned organisational culture on its head by putting their most valuable asset – their employees – at the very heart of their business operations.

Are you brave enough to do the same?

Can you afford not to?