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Are you ready to get that higher paying job, switch to a career that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, or double the number of clients you have?

Do any of these names sound familiar?

Karen Brady, Richard Branson, Stella McCartney, James Caan, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio or Hugh Jackman?

Of course they do! At a guess, I’m sure you’d know all of them?

But aside from their personality, charisma and incredible talent what else is happening to ensure their unprecedented success? Well, the truth is each of these people has a secret weapon… they all have mentors and coaches helping them behind the scenes to ensure they continually achieve outstanding results in their careers.

If you want to accelerate your career, without compromising on your relationships, health and wellbeing, whilst continually improving your results, you need to do what the best of the best are doing.

I help my professional and freelancer clients behind the scenes to significantly increase their results in their careers and freelancing businesses, through becoming exceptional self-marketers.


ARE YOU READY to love what you do AND get paid well to do it?

If you’re ready to land a job you love, or get more clients, take my advice; invest in yourself and request a free CV review or career strategy consultation with me today.

Here’s what my career management clients experience as a result of working with me:

  • Significantly less frustration, worry and overwhelm, whilst experiencing more clarity and peace of mind, increased vision and strategy and extraordinary control over their career.
  • Increased number of interviews and call backs
  • Weeks saved in chasing the wrong jobs in the wrong way
  • Increased number of clients and customers
  • Reduced time in securing a new job

Imagine how it would feel to eliminate all the fears and insecurities that are currently holding you back right now.

Imagine the increase in your career advancement if you had more clarity, were able to make better quality decisions and take more decisive action.

Imagine the impact on you and your family if you were truly committed to advancing your career and becoming the person you are supposed to be.

Just imagine what you could achieve 12 months from now if I help you in the same way that I’ve helped over a thousand clients to secure great jobs, or advance their freelancing careers.
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I’d like to offer you a free CV review or Career Strategy call to talk with me personally and discuss exactly what you want to achieve over the next 30 days, 3 months and 12 months in your career.

There is no charge for this call and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and you feel you’ve received significant value during our time together we can discuss the opportunity of working together in the future.

Either way, you’ll leave the call with a new found level of clarity and focus, some great insights and useful tips.


Hi Gary

Wanted to get in touch as I attended a consultation you gave in March.  My background is in engineering and oil and gas.

I actually found our talk very interesting and inspirational.  Whilst I always believed the right job would happen some day, the hints and tips you gave made me think twice when I went into my next interview.

I used them and also studied for 3 days preparing myself for the interview.  I ended up getting the job as well as being offered another job from a previous company who had seen me, I didn’t get the original position with them but another one came up and they wanted me too.

Goes to show, xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx does count.

I did say I would keep you informed of my search so voila. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Best regards, Lillia


Sharon was a theatre tour manager and production assistant who had 20 years experience of working with some of the best theatre production companies in Europe and the West End. Despite her experience she was finding it difficult securing anew role in London and had been out of work for over a year when she decided to book a consultation with me.

It was clear that the situation was really starting to dent Sharon’s confidence.It was even clearer there were a number of things she was doing wrong that during a booming economy wouldn’t have had much of an adverse impact , but in a tight labour market was resulting in her being rejected for roles again and again.

After a 90 minute consultation I was able to help boost her confidence, identify some specific actions that would increase her application success rate, fix her CV and create a tailored and detailed CareerAccelerator Action Plan for her to follow that provided clarity, focus and specific actions and resources to advance her career really quickly.

Two days after our consultation she contacted me and said she had seen her dream job: Production Manager at a well known theatre in London. She now felt more confident in applying for the role but the deadline for the application was the end of that week and she wanted some advice.

She was coached on how to make the best application with the help of our ‘5 Step Application Completion Guide’ and a week later she was invited to an interview. She asked us for some additional coaching so that she could present herself in the best way at the interview.

After receiving some interview preparation with me,three weeks later, Sharon started her dream job as Theatre Production Manager at Sadler’s Wells.

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