Cool Boss Program

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According to a recent study conducted by the University of Utah, the average boss adds about 1.75 times as much output as the average worker, which is in line with the differences in pay received by the two types of employees.

So what does a ‘cool’ boss do better than an average one?


Attract the best talent to you.

Align your Teams.

Improve  Staff Performance.

Increase Revenue.

Stage 1 of the Cool Boss Program assists managers to:
  • identify the ‘right talent’ for their teams depending on the existing team profile and business objectives;
  • attract, recruit and retain the right talent to join their teams
  • identify where they should be increasing or rationalising headcount within their business for sustainable growth


Stage 2 of the Cool Boss Program assists managers to:

  • focus on effective deployment and create effective cross functional teams
  • support, communicate and lead teams to new energy, ideas and innovations
  • manage, motivate and develop your teams to implement innovations and improve performance

 What type of ‘Boss’ are you?

MANAGER PROFILESHow does this impact the growth of your teams and your performance?

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