How Intrapreneurs Can Drive Your Business Growth

intrapreneurThe Anatomy of an Intrapreneur

If your business has done all the cost-cutting, fat-trimming and weight shedding it can and is still seeing a levelling off in revenue and profits, then the spring sunshine should serve as a message for you. It’s time to sow some seeds of growth.

Growth in recessionary times is predicated upon one thing: Innovation.

It takes a strategic approach to drive strategic innovation in your business, but one important component you are likely to need to make it happen is an Intrapreneur. (watch the video below).

Intrapreneurs are unfettered entrepreneurial instigators within your business who will:

1. keep abreast of the disruptive innovations happening in your industry

2. identify innovative solutions to business problems that can increase your market share, increase ROI on sales costs,  increase customer loyalty, introduce new product lines across price points

3. keep you connected both within the organisation and outside of it

4. implement new initiatives that drive business growth

The rules for attracting, retaining, motivating and rewarding your intrapreneurs are very different from other key staff. But get it right and the rewards for your organisation can be more than just financial.

I’ll be posting more about the intrapreneur journey, how to become one, how to manage one and how to grow your own.

In the meantime watch David Armano  describe the anatomy of a successful intrapreneur via his experiences as EVP at Edelman Digital.

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